How To Make Big In Little Alchemy 2?

Little Alchemy 2 features a lot more possibilities than the first iteration and is far more entertaining and intuitive. With all these possibilities, however, you may sometimes run into problems creating an element.

“Big” is one such aspect that might be challenging to understand on your own. with order to assist you with creating the element Big in Little Alchemy 2, we have put together this tutorial. 

Key takeaways

  1. One of the crucial components of Little Alchemy 2 is big.
  2. You must acquire the Philosophy and Universe ingredients in order to create Big.
  3. Philosophy is created by combining the Human factor with the Idea element.
  4. You must merge two clusters of galaxies to create the universe element.
  5. You may combine the Big element with several other distinctive components after you’ve created it.

Making big in little alchemy2

  • galaxy cluster + philosophy
  • galaxy + philosophy
  • philosophy + planet
  • philosophy + solar system
  • philosophy + sun
  • philosophy + universe

Big is a highly crucial aspect of Little Alchemy 2. It is used to build components like the continent, sea, and even planets. As the name says, it may enlarge little objects.

Using Big, you can convert stones into hills and soil into mountains. The two essential components you will need to build this are universe and philosophy.

Making Philosophy

The first elements you see on your screen when the game initially starts are air, dust, fire, & water. 

  • The initial stage in producing philosophy in Little Alchemy 2 big is to mix earth with earth to obtain a patch of green land.
  • Now add two land parts together. Doing so will produce a continent.
  • The next stage is to unite this continent with another continent to obtain a planet as a result.
  • It would help to mix fire with this planet to acquire the element sun.
  • Also, merge fire with fire to obtain energy.
  • Now merge this energy with the sun we generated before. The output will be a solar panel or solar cell.
  • Combine this solar cell with the sun to create power.
  • In the following phase, mix air with aid to generate pressure.
  • Now put dirt and pressure together to produce a stone.
  • If you mix this stone with air again, you will receive sand.
  • Use sand and heat to produce glass.
  • Use sand and heat to produce glass.
  • Now take water and blend it with dirt to produce mud.
  • Use this mud with stone to produce clay.
  • In the following stage, produce a puddle by mixing water with water.
  • Combine this puddle with extra water to build a pond with an excellent little duck.
  • Use water again with the pond to form a lake.
  • Now utilize water again with the deficiency to produce sea.
  • The next stage is to produce lava. For this, you need to blend dirt with fire.
  • Combine the lava with the sea to produce a primordial soup.
  • Now mix dirt with lava to make a volcano
  • This volcano, in conjunction with primordial soup, will generate life.
  • Combine life with clay to build a person.
  • A person and a light bulb combined will produce an idea.
  • Ideas in conjunction with human will constitute philosophy.

Making Universe

Now that we are done producing the first essential component philosophy required to build massive in big Little Alchemy 2, the following step is to make the universe.

  • First, you will need to blend earth with earth to make land.
  • Now combine the land with earth again to produce a continent.
  • Two continents will result in a planet.
  • Now you need to unite the planet with the planet to establish a solar system.
  • Combine the resultant solar system with another solar system to build a galaxy.
  • The merging of two galaxies will generate a galaxy cluster.
  • Two clusters of galaxies will constitute the cosmos, one of the main ingredients in Little Alchemy 2.
  • The last stage is to mix the universe with the philosophy element to produce the enormous part.

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What can you make with big in Little Alchemy 2?

how to make big in little alchemy 2

1. Big + Ant = Elephant: 

Combining “big” with “ant” results in an “elephant.” This combination represents the idea that an elephant is a large creature, much bigger than an ant.

2. Big + Egg = Dinosaur: 

When you combine “big” with “egg,” you get a “dinosaur.” This combination reflects the concept that dinosaurs were large creatures that hatched from eggs, and it’s a creative representation of how life can evolve and grow from small beginnings.

3. Big + Fire = Sun: 

Mixing “big” with “fire” results in a “sun.” This combination symbolizes the immense size and heat of the sun, which is much larger than any fire on Earth.

4. Big + Island = Continent: 

Combining “big” with “island” creates a “continent.” This combination represents the idea that continents are much larger than islands, with vast land masses that make up entire regions on Earth.

5. Big + Ocean = Whale: 

When you mix “big” with “ocean,” you get a “whale.” This combination reflects that whales are large marine mammals that inhabit the vast oceans and are known for their impressive size.

6. Big + Bird = Pterodactyl: 

Combining “big” with “bird” results in a “pterodactyl.” This combination represents that pterodactyls were prehistoric flying reptiles much more significant than modern birds, with wingspans reaching up to 30 feet.

7. Big + Plant = Tree: 

Mixing “big” with “plant” creates a “tree.” This combination represents the idea that trees are large plants with woody stems and branches that can grow to heights.

8. Big + Planet = Jupiter: 

When you combine “big” with “planet,” you get “Jupiter.” This combination represents that Jupiter is the giant planet in our solar system, with a massive size compared to other worlds.

9. Big + Rainbow = Universe: 

Combining “big” with “rainbow” results in a “universe.” This combination represents the vastness and grandeur of the universe, which is much bigger than a rainbow and reflects the idea of the universe being an immense cosmic expanse.

10. Big + Time = History: 

Mixing “big” with “time” creates “history.” This combination represents the concept that history is a vast collection of events, actions, and changes that have occurred over a long period. It reflects the idea that history encompasses a significant time.

Walkthrough for Big in Little Alchemy 2

  1. fire+earth = lava
  2. water+water = puddle
  3. earth+earth = land
  4. fire+fire = energy
  5. water+puddle = pond
  6. land+earth = continent
  7. lava+air = stone
  8. stone+fire = metal
  9. continent+continent = planet
  10. water+pond = lake
  11. stone+stone = wall
  12. water+lake = sea
  13. wall+wall = house
  14. metal+earth = plow
  15. plow+earth= field
  16. sea+earth = soup primordial 
  17. Soup primordial+energy = life
  18. life+fire = phoenix
  19. phoenix+phoenix = egg
  20. house+field = barn
  21. egg+barn = chicken
  22. egg+chicken = philosophy
  23. planet+philosoph = big

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