How To Make Evil In Little Alchemy 2?

Evil versus Good. an ongoing conflict between morality and ruthlessness. You must learn how to make good and evil in Little Alchemy 2 in order to complete the game, just as you must for the other components.

Given this, the Myths and Monsters Content Pack, which is effectively a paid DLC that introduces new aspects like GOOD, EVIL, MONSTER, or IMMORTALITY with which you can later build many mythological creatures, monsters, and more, must first be downloaded in order to receive “EVIL” as a concept. “EVIL” will be unlocked immediately just by downloading this DLC, however if you want to make it yourself, the recipe is Human + Pandora’s Box. 

The joy is all in the creating in the free mobile and web game Little Alchemy 2. Alchemy is the art of creating something new by combining several materials. As you move forward you will also get to know how to make evil in little alchemy step by step.

List Of Combinations For Making Evil In Little Alchemy 2

At this point, producing evil in little alchemy 2 might sound challenging, but don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. The steps below will walk you through the process of downloading the Pack and resolving the problem how to get evil in little alchemy 2.

It will also assist you in creating evil little alchemy 2, and using Evil to create new elements. By starting with one of the main elements found in the Myths and Monsters kit and following the instructions below, we can change good into evil. 

1. Human

Without further ado let’s comprehend and learn how you combine clay with life to create a human:

Life + Clay = Human

  • Earth + water = mud
  • Earth + fire = lava
  • Air + lava = stone
  • Mud + stone = clay

2. Life

Fire + fire = energy

Water + water = puddle

Puddle + water = pond

Pond + water = lake

Lake + water = sea

Earth + sea = primordial soup

Energy + primordial soup = life

3. Pandara Box

Making a Pandora’s box can be done in a varied ways. As a base element, good will be combined with a container to speed up the process of getting to the Pandora’s box. To make a Pandora’s Box, mix Good with Container as seen here:

Container + Good = Pandora’s Box

4. Container

A container can be developed by fusing philosophy and construction:

  • House
  • Earth + fire = lava
  • Air + lava = stone
  • Stone + stone = wall
  • Wall + wall = house
  • Philosophy
  • Water + water = puddle
  • Fire + fire = energy
  • Puddle + water = pond
  • Pond + water = lake
  • Fire + stone = metal
  • Earth + metal = plow
  • Lake + water = sea
  • Earth + sea = primordial soup
  • Earth + plow = field
  • Energy + primordial soup = life
  • Fire + life = phoenix
  • Phoenix + phoenix = egg
  • Field + house = barn
  • Barn + egg = chicken
  • Chicken + egg = philosophy

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What can you make with evil in Little Alchemy 2?

how to make evil in little alchemy 2

Now that we are aware of how to make a evil in little alchemy 2, we can ask, “What can Evil be used for?” In basic terms, the presence of Evil also affects and corrupts other elements.

Demons, for example, are the result of the union of Good and Evil. Despite morality, the element evil is entertaining to utilise because it corrupts other elements and opens the door to 19 new recipes.

Evil + AngelDemon
Evil + AnimalHellhound
Evil + BoxPandora’s Box
Evil + ContainerPandora’s Box
Evil + CorpseJiangshi
Evil + DeityDemon
Evil + DogHellhound
Evil + FaerieGoblin
Evil + Fruit TreeApple Of Discord
Evil + FruitApple Of Discord
Evil + HeavenHell
Evil + HouseHell
Evil + ImmortalityDemon
Evil + MagicMara
Evil + SandmanCurse
Evil + SantaKrampus
Evil + WitchNecromancer
Evil + WizardNecromancer
Evil + WolfHellhound

Having this knowledge is great, but without the Myths and Monsters bundle installed, you cannot create Evil. Here is how to purchase Evil and add it to your Little Alchemy 2 game.

To get started, you must first use an iOS or Android smartphone with access to a game store. These include some Mac computers, tablets, and cell phones. The first thing I would do is open Little Alchemy 2. To open a pop-up window, click the store icon there. To continue with the transaction, select the Myths and Monsters pack from the pop-up menu.

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