Best Small Business Insurance Companies

Accidents occur frequently, and business owners must be covered in the event of a workplace mishap, especially because the typical customer injury insurance claim is $35,000.

It is crucial for business owners not to leave themselves unprotected and to get the necessary insurance to cover all of the hazards their business faces.

In fact, not having the proper types of insurance might be equivalent to not having it at all, leaving firms unprotected against various damages.

We tried to compare more than a dozen of the nation’s best insurance companies, as well as several brokers, based on the kinds of coverage they offer, the industries they serve, their financial stability evaluations, and their customer satisfaction ratings to identify those that meet the requirements of small businesses.

Find out who offers the finest small business insurance that matches your needs by reading on.

Top 10 best small business insurance companies 

1) Next Insurance:

 Next Insurance:

Next, insurance, one of the top 50 innovators of 2022, provides small businesses with web access to policies within as little as 10 minutes using AI and machine intelligence.

Next is the greatest online insurance company for small businesses. In addition to offering the most common types of business coverage, Next Insurance also provides business insurance by the industry for each state, certificates of insurance (COI), and more.


  • Same-day coverage for insurance
  • iOS/Android application for simple COI access, claim to file, and insurance type modification.
  • Receive a quote and buy a policy in under 10 minutes.
  • A scheduler that is simple to use so that your insurance can begin on a specific date
  • Competitive premiums tailored to the needs of small enterprises
  • Customizable policies


  • No physical sites or branches for in-person transactions.
  • Certain specialty insurance policies, such as key person insurance, are unavailable.

2. CoverWallet


If you require numerous forms of company insurance, CoverWallet provides a comprehensive list of options. CoverWallet is ideal for firms who want different business insurance without the headache of applying to multiple companies.

Due to their access to numerous insurers, CoverWallet is a suitable internet insurance alternative for numerous businesses. However, CoverWallet is not an actual lender; rather, it acts as a liaison between you and numerous insurance providers.

They work to get your firm authorized for whatever form of insurance it requires and have access to competitive rates.


  • Simple platform navigation
  • Provided with beneficial data
  • Compare across multiple insurers
  • Provide numerous types of company insurance under a single cover.


  • Quotations are not always relevant
  • Customer service is inconsistent.
  • CoverWallet is not a legitimate insurance provider.

3. The Hartford

The Hartford

Hartford is an excellent insurance provider for organizations that require specific coverage. Even though the insurance may not cover every type as CoverWallet does, the reality that The Hartford offers tailored insurance packages that result in reduced costs makes it a worthwhile option to consider. 

The Hartford has been in business for more than 200 years, servicing millions of small businesses, and has maintained an excellent reputation for providing some of the most specialized insurance coverages and rates.

The Hartford provides a variety of business insurance policies, including general liability, BOPs, business auto, commercial flood, data leak coverage, commercial umbrella, profits, and specialist liability.

In addition to arborists, pet groomers, restaurants, printing, and publishing, the company advertises for almost twenty other industries.

Additionally, The Hartford provides numerous additional policyholder benefits, including:

  • Access to Hartford’s Preferred Medical Provider Network includes more than one million healthcare providers.
  • Prescription medication features
  • The Restoring Health and Wellness Program


  • A+ rating for financial stability by A.M. Best over a lengthy period.
  • Ethisphere Institute recognizes numerous small business insurance kinds as “World’s Most Ethical Companies.”
  • Simple online pricing


  • If you prefer sector-specific insurance, this is not the best solution.
  • Poor The J.D. Power “Small Commercial Insurance Study” examines National Association of Insurance Commissioners Complaints.

4) Commercial


Commercial is the greatest insurance marketplace for small businesses in general. offers a variety of insurance products to cover any small business insurance you may require, as well as a streamlined method for getting these policies. 

In addition, they provide a great deal of information about all of their policies, so you can understand precisely what you are receiving.


  • Excellent client service
  • Get a quote with live, prompt phone help between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. Monday through Friday.
  • User-friendly website
  • Provides extensive information about their many insurance alternatives.
  • Utilizes a variety of partners to provide coverage for diverse types of organizations
  • Excellent pricing choices


  • Commercial is not an insurance provider but rather a quote-finding service.

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5. CNA


CNA provides the best insurance for online businesses by providing solutions for cyber risk insurance. They are an excellent starting point for businesses of any size that require a variety of business insurances.

We appreciate CNA since they provide three options for cyber risk insurance, and you can pay your bill online.


  • Specializes in commercial insurance
  • Includes small, medium, and large businesses.
  • Includes more than 180 specialty enterprises
  • Eighth biggest business insurance carrier in the United States, High marks from all major insurance rating organizations
  • 24-hour claims support


  • The quote generator doesn’t always work
  • Few user ratings and reviews

6. Nationwide


Nationwide is the best small company insurance for companies that require various commercial insurance policies.

They are among the highest-rated business insurance providers in the United States and cover a variety of industries, including agriculture.

Nationwide was founded in 1926 as Farm Bureau Mutual Automobile Insurance Company. In 1955, the company changed its name Nationwide to provide coverage from coast to coast. The only states without agents are Hawaii and Alaska.

Nationwide offers various forms of business insurance in addition to general liability, including business property, commercial vehicle, BOP, workers’ compensation, EPLI, equipment failure coverage, and umbrella insurance.

In addition, the organization specializes in 14 industries, including retailers, professional offices, medical clinics, food & beverage companies, and farms & ranches.

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  • Numerous types of coverage
  • Mobile application for Android and iOS
  • Electronic invoicing of workers’ compensation expenses
  • Consistent A+ ratings from A.M. Best, Moody’s, and Standard & Poor’s.


  • No online chat assistance
  • No online quotations

7. Chubb


Because they offer a variety of liability insurance policy alternatives, Chubb is the finest small business insurance provider for companies in need of liability coverage.

Chubb distributes personal and commercial insurance coverage and provides various commercial insurance solutions.


  • Wide variety of insurance products
  • BOP insurance is a combination of general liability and property insurance Discounts for home-based enterprises
  • Friendly insurance provider for new businesses
  • Internal claims division
  • Excellent scores from the leading rating agencies


  • inadequate online services
  • No rate transparency; quote requests need submission of business details.

8. Hiscox


Hiscox is the best small company insurer for microbusinesses because it has assisted thousands of small and microbusinesses in obtaining coverage.

Hiscox offers a team of small company specialists whose sole mission is to assist small businesses in acquiring the finest coverage at the most affordable rates.

Hiscox provides a range of business insurance products, including general commercial liability, liability insurance, business owners’ policies (BOPs), workers’ compensation, cyber liability, commercial car, and employment practices liability insurance (EPLI).

Additionally, the organization writes all of GEICO’s commercial insurance coverage.

Hiscox’s typical liability coverage limits are $2 million; however, greater amounts are available with underwriting approval. The company promises coverage for several industries and policy kinds.

Custom solutions are available for over 180 businesses, including hairdressers, fitness instructors, consultants, counselors, janitors, and acupuncturists.


  • User-friendly quotation generator
  • Only insures companies
  • Serves organizations of all sizes
  • Excellent scores by major rating agencies
  • Website and podcast containing educational material
  • almost 10,000 positive customer comments


  • The majority of client reviews are located on the business’s website.

9. Travelers


Travelers is another illustrious corporation dating back to 1864, when one of its founders began offering accident insurance for two cents. This company has an A++ rating from AM Best and was founded in 2004 through the merger of Travelers and St. Paul Companies.

Travelers offer insurance solutions tailored to the needs of businesses in over 25 industries, including transport, manufacturing, architecture, retail, and government.

Nonetheless, the organization has established significant expertise in commercial property insurance.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, the business is the sixth largest commercial real estate insurance writer in the United States for 2021.

Other types of business insurance offered by the corporation include commercial car, cyber liability, surety bonds, and workers’ compensation. However, pricing varies by industry.

Because Travelers operates across the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, the company is well-suited to provide coverage for foreign businesses.

10. State Farm

State Farm

State Farm is one of the major commercial insurers, with over 19,000 private insurance agents operating their own small businesses.

State Farm agents are specialists in assisting small companies with their insurance needs because they understand what it’s like to operate a small business.

Nevertheless, State Farm occasionally rejects insurance to company owners and is not required to explain their decision. They can also be tardy in processing their insurance claims.

State Farm is a huge, well-known firm, enabling them to offer various insurance alternatives; nevertheless, customer service can be costly.


  • round-the-clock service
  • Excellent financial security
  • Excellent customer ratings


  • Complaints about refused claims
  • Not all states have discounts available.

Small business insurance companies: pros and cons 


  • Risk-Sharing & Financial Backing
  • Property Damage Coverage
  • Protection Against Burglary
  • Lawsuits, Claims, And Settlements
  • Business Image Liability
  • Supports Financial Losses
  • Helps To Manage Business Liability
  • Advertising Liability


  • Term and Conditions
  • Not every form of loss that can occur to an individual or organization is covered by insurance.
  • Protracted Legal Procedures
  • Fraud Agency.
  • Not for Everyone
  • Potential crime events
  • Temporary and Termination
  • Costly
  • Rise in Subsequent Premium

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Our Best Small Business Insurance

  • Next, insurance is the best small company insurance provider due to its extensive online insurance options, small business-specific policies, and the digital insurance certificate (COI).
  • Commercial is the best overall small company insurance marketplace since they make acquiring business insurance easy and convenient.
  • CoverWallet is the best alternative if you require various insurance policies due to their extensive selection.
  • The Hartford offers the greatest options for specialty insurance coverage since it tailors insurance products to obtain the lowest possible price.
  • Hiscox provides the best insurance for microbusinesses because it has assisted hundreds of thousands of tiny microbusinesses in obtaining insurance.
  • CNA is the best insurance provider for internet businesses because it offers the most effective cyber risk solutions.
  • Nationwide: Best commercial insurance for many commercial insurance types.
  • Chubb is the best business liability insurance provider since they offer various protection products.
  • State Farm is the largest business insurer, with over 19,000 insurance agents operating small companies.

Protecting your business against unanticipated loss is one of the most effective methods for securely expanding a business. Therefore, it is vital to investigate the best small business insurance solutions.

The best small business insurance you should consider will depend on the nature of your organization and the reasons for your need for coverage. Each possesses unique advantages and downsides.

frequently asked questions

1. What are the 5 kinds of insurance useful to business?

Insurance Policies: General Liability Insurance. Professional Liability Insurance. Employee Insurance Policies. Property Insurance Policies.

2. What are the five main insurance policies a business should or must hold?

Everyone should have home or property coverage, life insurance, benefits, health insurance, and auto insurance.

3. How much is small business insurance per month?

Costs for small business insurance vary greatly by industry, region, and coverage type. To safeguard against their unique risks, business owners that own facilities or equipment, have staff, or provide expert advice should expect to spend extra annually.

Costs may also increase if business owners opt for higher coverage limits, lower deductibles, more coverages, or more endorsements.

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