How To Install Bigger HDD on JTAG Xbox

Installing a larger hard disk drive on Xbox 360 Jtag enables the storage of more games, the downloading of whole DVD movies, the playing of music, and the viewing of photographs.

However, it is not as simple as it may appear to do a fresh hard disk installation.

  • Use the T6 driver and remove the four silver screws from the hard drive cage. Each is concealed beneath the Windows logo, voiding your warranty!
  • The two plastic portions of the hard drive cage should be separated.
  • The new drive will display as unformatted in the Dashboard. If no drive is shown, check your hardware.
  • When prompted to partition and attach the blank drive, input the console’s serial number.
  • Insert a USB stick and format it as a memory card using the FreeBOOT 0.3 or later Dashboard (The 2.0.9199.0 dashboard) to use as a PC’s memory card.
  • Infuse the XeXLoader Games on Demand packages into the Data Partition/Content/0000000000000000/C0DE folder using XTAF.
  • Dragging HDD Compatibility Partition Fixer v1 and other applications to the root directory will install them.
  • XeXLoader should be included in the Games section of the Xbox 360 Dashboard. Utilize the new internal hard drive.
  • After executing the HDD Compatibility Partition Fixer with XeXLoader, reboot the console.
  • Avatars and other Dashboard features cannot be accessed until the Dashboard has been installed on the primary storage device.
  • After decompressing the update package, copy it to the root of your USB drive. The following time it is inserted, you will be prompted to update it.
  • Your JTAG console must now be operational with the addition of a huge new drive.

Some sort of hard drive is needed to do this.

  • Before anything else, you’ll need a hard disk. I suggest the 2TB Seagate Barracuda. It’s inexpensive and should generally work.
  • Ensure that it has a SATA interface, not an ide interface. They are available on Amazon for approximately $65-80. Seagate’s drives are user-friendly and have received positive feedback from those who have used them for modification reasons (PS4 modding).
  • Alternatively, you could purchase a hard drive from the WD Caviar Blue or Black series, but it may be more expensive and more difficult to locate one compatible with your Xbox (Xbox One).
  • Next, you will need a case or enclosure for your new hard drive.

Let’s get started

  • We must initially start by opening the Xbox. This is accomplished by removing two screws from each side of the DVD drive and then gently removing it from its housing. 
  • After removing the DVD drive from the case, four additional screws must be removed to remove the top portion of the case. These are situated on each side of the original location of the DVD drive.
  • Next, remove the four screws from the back of your Xbox, one from each corner where the DVD drive is installed, and gently peel off this top plastic piece (it should come off easily).
  • Now disconnect the motherboard’s wires and remove it from the Xbox’s case by unscrewing one or two screws (depending on what kind of screwdriver you have)
  • Now that your motherboard’s case has been removed flip it over so that its ports are facing upward to you (ensure all wires are wired away safely). You will note that our 2.5-inch hard disk has a small plastic tab (red arrow) trying to hold down one corner.

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Xbox 360 SSD upgrade

How To Install Bigger HDD on JTAG Xbox

Are you concerned about data loss if you replace your Xbox One’s hard drive with a quicker, more contemporary SSD disk? Relax; we’ll demonstrate how to upgrade your hard drive without reinstalling everything.

  • Transfer all game data from the Xbox One’s hard drive to an SSD.
  • Replace the Xbox One’s original SSD with the cloned SSD in the second step.

This sophisticated software circumvents the Xbox 360 hard drive SSD issue mentioned above by allowing you to transfer gameplay data from the original Xbox 360 hard drive to an SSD card via the disc clone technique.

Does Xbox 360 fat hard drive upgrade?

  • Using a Torx T6 screwdriver, unscrew the four Philip screws that attach your Xbox 360 hard drive.
  • Once they are extracted, you can remove the cover and the top.
  • Once the drive has been opened, detach the SATA cord and power using your index finger.
  • On the side of the console, open the panel. Its entrance should be on the right side and face your console.
  • Ensure that your hard drive is appropriately positioned. Most of the time, it may take some time to get it just perfect. It is important to note that the new Xbox 360 slim does not require the HDD to be placed in an enclosure.

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Xbox 360 slim hard drive upgrade

How To Install Bigger HDD on JTAG Xbox
How To Install Bigger HDD on JTAG Xbox

For Xbox players, updating and replacing an old HDD with a larger new one is no longer a novel problem.

Don’t fret if you’re experiencing this issue. By following the three processes explained below, you may quickly migrate and move Xbox 360 games from an old HDD to a new HDD.

  • The Xbox 360 Slim Hard Drive and the replacement HDD should be connected to the PC.
  • Download Disk Clone Software to Clone or Upgrade your Xbox 360 Slim Hard Drive to a Larger Drive.
  • Replace the hard disk in your Xbox 360 Slim with a hard drive that has been upgraded.

frequently asked questions

1. Is Xbox one external hard drive not showing up?

If your Xbox can still not recognize your external storage device: Unplug the storage device before reconnecting it. Use a separate USB port on the console to connect the device.

2. How many TBs can you put on an Xbox 360?

The Xbox 360 memory unit enables the storage or transfer of up to 512 MB of data (original Xbox 360 console only).

3. How do I upgrade my Xbox 360 RGH hard drive?

  • Unplug Your Xbox 360 Drive.
  • Install Your New Xbox 360 Drive.
  • Partition of the Hard Drive and Boot From the USB Drive…
  • Pull the Drive Out.
  • Open the Drive Enclosure
  • Insert the New Drive into Your Computer.

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