Six Powerful Ways to Declutter and Boost Your Mac’s Performance

Mac computers are multitasking monsters, and it doubles as your digital workplace and entertainment center. These machines are your reliable sidekick that handles the ebb and flow of your daily lives.

But their once-pristine efficiency can quickly succumb to clutter, slowing down the very machine meant to augment productivity. Fret not, for in this blog, we are excited to take you on a journey to unveil the potent strategies you can implement that will help to breathe new life into the performance of your computer.

  1. Reduce or completely remove Purgeable Data

Did you know your Mac is smart enough to identify redundant files? The redundant files are called Purgeable Data because your computer knows these files have no place on your computer.

Purgeable Data consists of duplicates, outdated caches, and all kinds of files that can be immediately removed without impacting your system. Although this data can be safely removed whenever you want, if you forget to remove this data, it can eat away a significant amount of your storage space.

So, how to purge Mac hard drive? Click About This Mac and go to the Storage tab to activate the Optimize Storage feature. With this feature optimized, you will see the Purgeable data section and how much storage space it is consuming. Then, you can choose to delete this data and clear space.

Your Mac’s storage will thank you for it!

  1. Clean up the desktop

The desktop is the first thing you see when your Mac starts up. If the desktop is a cluttered mess, it can ruin your mood. Just as you keep your physical workspace neat and tidy to improve your productivity, you must keep the digital workspace organized as well.

With the file icons scattered everywhere on the desktop, it can become a potential distraction. Not to mention, the time you will take to look for particular files! Sometimes, it may feel that the search is never-ending as you start to feel lightheaded with all the scrolling and frantic clicking.

What’s more? A cluttered desktop impedes the startup speed.

With so many reasons against a cluttered desktop, it is high time you tidy it up. Organize the files into folders and remove all the unnecessary icons. Use the Stacks feature to automatically arrange all the folders in a visually appealing manner.

  1. Trim and optimize the startup items

Yes, it is convenient if the applications are already open the minute your Mac starts up. This saves you from wasting those extra seconds that you usually spend by clicking to launch apps and signing into them.

But if you are not careful, your startup items list might be the size of Mt. Everest. What happens next? You no longer experience a swift startup. All the unnecessary applications fighting to launch at boot impede the startup speed. Hence, it is essential to carefully scrutinize the startup list so you can remove the unnecessary items and only allow the essential apps to load at boot.

  • Navigate to System Preferences or System Settings > choose Users & Groups > under the Login Items tab, you will find the applications set to launch at startup.
  • Carefully review the startup list and identify the applications you no longer require at boot.
  • Remove the unnecessary items by clicking the minus button. This action simply removes the apps from the startup list and doesn’t uninstall them.
  1. Remove the apps you no longer need

It is time for digital spring cleaning! You don’t need all those 50+ applications you have installed on a whim on your Mac computer. You might only be using about 10 applications regularly, and the rest are sitting there, eating up your precious space and slowing down your computer.

So, head to the Applications folder and scrutinize the list of applications. Identify the dormant applications and the ones you no longer need. Bid them goodbye by uninstalling them.

  1. Sort through old files and delete them

Don’t be a digital hoarder! Identify the important files and back them up. Also, identify the old files and documents that have lost their value. If they have become obsolete in your digital life, delete them immediately. This is going to free up space so you can save essential files and documents.

  1. Clear the Trash

You may think this is a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised at how many users forget to clear the Trash. And all the files and documents they have deleted comfortably sit in the Trash.

So, the next time you think about why your computer isn’t experiencing a speed boost after you have organized the files and deleted all the redundant items, check the Trash. The unnecessary files might still be part of your digital life!

Revitalize your Mac for limitless possibilities!

An organized and decluttered Mac is a conductor, unlocking the full potential of its capabilities and orchestrating seamless operations. Let your computer breathe so you can enjoy many years of digital adventure.

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