How Many Jobs Are Available In Integrated Oil Companies?

Integrated oil companies are some of the largest and most influential players in the global energy industry. They are involved in every aspect of oil and gas production, from exploration and extraction to refining and distribution. If you’re wondering about the number of jobs available in these companies, the short answer is: a lot.

According to a report by the International Energy Agency, the global oil and gas industry directly employs around 5.6 million people, with an additional 6 million jobs in related industries.

While the specific number of jobs in integrated oil companies is difficult to pin down, it’s safe to say that they make up a significant portion of this workforce.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the different types of jobs available in integrated oil companies and explore some of the factors that determine how many jobs are available.

Best Paying Jobs In Integrated Oil Companies

1. Chemical Engineers

how many jobs are available in integrated oil companies

As the exploration and production of oil and gas commence, the chemical engineers take over from the geoscientists.

Chemical engineers conduct tests and analyze substances to guarantee that enterprises extracting crude oil from the earth use the proper chemicals.

Chemical engineers are essential to the oil and gas business to ensure that petroleum and oil materials are placed directly into gas tanks and that the proper chemicals are utilized to convert crude oil into a useful form.

Therefore, it is a highly vital position and ideal for those who enjoy working in labs; testing the products.

2. Well, Tester

how many jobs are available in integrated oil companies

The responsibility of a good tester is to analyze and evaluate oil pipelines. During the development stage preceding the installation of pipelines into the wells, they evaluate the well, including the to-be-laid pipes.

A well can collapse. Hence the stability of the wells and pipelines below the earth’s surface is of utmost importance. A good tester employs his investigation skills to determine the well’s viability.

3. Geoscientists

how many jobs are available in integrated oil companies

In the oil and gas business, activities begin in the field with geologists and geophysicists. They examine the land and water, identify potential oil reservoirs, and use data to assess the availability of buried oil and gas reserves.

After locating the deposit, they supervise the construction of a discovery well to locate it. They gather and study the extracted drilling materials with a geological eye. They are present to control the drilling operation and can give instructions to halt or continue drilling.

Numerous geoscientists collaborate to guarantee that the oil reaches the surface and that the formations are accurately documented and reported.

4. Operations Manager

how many jobs are available in integrated oil companies

Complex duties in oil and gas firms necessitate monitoring and supervising activities. A director of operations is responsible for ensuring that everything is coordinated and operates well.

Planning, organizing, managing, scheduling, and properly executing oil and gas field (onshore and offshore research) productions and procedures to assure the production of the products is the job of the oil and gas operations manager.

It is one of the most difficult professions at an integrated oil corporation, yet it pays very well.

5. Distribution Manager

how many jobs are available in integrated oil companies

Distribution managers are individuals in charge of supervising distribution factory teams. They run tests and execute repairs on products leaving their facilities to maintain quality control.

They collaborate with construction teams to offer the essential materials for the construction of pipelines and the distribution of natural gas to consumers. In addition, cultivate vendor connections and get materials at reasonable prices.

6. Oil Truck Drivers

how many jobs are available in integrated oil companies

Oil Truck Drivers are accountable for the road transport of crude oil. Their responsibilities include loading tanks at the company’s designated gasoline terminal, delivering fuel oil to the customer’s location, guaranteeing accurate documentation, operating oil tankers and forklifts, and performing daily vehicle maintenance.

In addition to being able to drive, there are additional criteria for this position, as you will be hauling flammable products.

7. Project Manager

how many jobs are available in integrated oil companies

In the oil and gas industry, project managers oversee teams comprising engineers, chemists, technical experts, and other departments.

Their primary responsibilities consist of:

  • Establishing and completing an execution and quality plan for the project.
  • In addition, they examine estimated project costs and schedules and contribute to the establishment of the control cost and schedule.
  • They complete the HA Project on time, securely, and within budget constraints.

8. Design Engineers

how many jobs are available in integrated oil companies

Design engineers are specialists in generating designs and planning the execution of complex construction projects. They must meet with clients, vendors, and construction teams to get the necessary data for their calculations.

When building construction equipment and procedures, design engineers examine a variety of variables. While working with natural gas, they frequently design systems that gather the gas and transport it to clients with minimal losses, adhering to all applicable safety procedures. The average compensation for design engineers is $79,342 per year.

9. Petroleum Engineer

how many jobs are available in integrated oil companies

Engineers specialize in extracting raw materials from the earth, such as natural gas and oil. They frequently meet with the operation manager and construction team to create extraction procedures that minimize losses.

During the setup of an extraction site, petroleum engineers usually work beyond hours so they can support the team when necessary. According to, the average annual compensation for Petroleum Engineers is $88,378.

10. Well Drilling Engineer

how many jobs are available in integrated oil companies

Drilling experts are a team of highly experienced individuals who prefer to get their hands dirty in the field, unlike chemical engineers who prefer to conduct experiments in a lab.

Integrated oil businesses often employ drilling engineers to extract and produce oil and gas.

Responsibility encompasses:

  • Evaluation and maintenance of existing wells,
  • Ensure the implementation of safety measures by
  • Work with HSE officers to adopt safety measures before and throughout the drilling procedure.
  • Senior drilling engineers are responsible for the planning, developing, and supervising of oil and gas well drilling operations.
  • From the initial well construction to testing, completion, abandonment, and the removal of oil well pipelines, the drilling engineers are involved.
  • An oil well service company employs these individuals, typically an integrated oil corporation division that maintains, services, and validates oil wells and rigs.

11. HSE Manager And Safety Director

how many jobs are available in integrated oil companies

There is no other workplace where safety is as highly regarded and prominently displayed as in a typical integrated oil firm.

This is due to the nature of the industry’s jobs. Therefore, there is always someone in charge of and responsible for safety precautions. HSE represents health, safety, and the environment.

It entails implementing and creating all of the organization’s safety procedures regarding the health and safety of personnel and considering the environmental implications of production, such as gas flaring.

Health, safety, and environmental (HSE) managers are primarily accountable for:

  • Establishing and executing safety programs for an organization.
  • Examine and revise the institution’s HSE policies
  • Conduct risk assessments to identify possible dangers
  • Prepare preventive measures

12. Human Resources Consultant

how many jobs are available in integrated oil companies

In an integrated oil firm, the HR Advisor is responsible for managing employees, receiving their input, and relaying any problems they may have to manage.

Experience in the oil business is required, but geoscientist or engineer credentials are not required. To be effective, you must have an academic and professional experience in human resources and a solid understanding of labor law.

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13. Pipeline Construction Manager

how many jobs are available in integrated oil companies

As a pipeline and building manager, you will be responsible for managing a building superintendence team and supervising the subcontractor’s construction managers in completing the subcontracted works by HSE and Quality requirements.

These are the fundamental roles of a pipeline and construction manager:

  • Establishing clear roles and responsibilities for the construction management staff.
  • Examining and directing the execution of the HSE project and quality control procedures.
  • Meeting and planning with construction subcontractor managers and the project director for project execution; preparing the construction schedule with the operation manager and engineers, including specified activities and their respective dates.
  • This position demands a mechanical or civil engineering degree and managerial expertise in onshore pipeline building projects.

How Much Does An Integrated Oil Company Job Pay?

how many jobs are available in integrated oil companies

As integrated oil corporations handle more than 4 million barrels of crude oil per day, there is a significant need for high-quality petroleum products. In addition, as previously stated, the companies mentioned above generate some of the most profitable revenues in their respective industries. As a direct result, employment within the integrated oil industry pays the highest salaries.

The most lucrative post in the integrated oil sector is that of the refinery engineer. For instance, the top 10 percent of engineers at integrated oil companies receive an average compensation of almost $137,000 per year. In contrast, the median salary for engineers at these companies is over $108,000 annually.

Another lucrative position within the integrated oil industry is that of a petroleum engineer. For example, annual compensation for petroleum engineers ranges from under $106,000 to just over $120,000 on average. In contrast, the top 10 percent of earners in this industry average more than $138,000 per year in remuneration.


What Is The Hiring Process Like For integrated Oil Companies? 

Numerous occupations in the field do not require education beyond high school. However, if you are interested in engineering or its more intellectual parts, explore the following degrees.

  • Engineering. This is a general degree, yet it can open doors to various professions. You can also specialize if you so choose. For example:
  • Petroleum engineering. If you would like to become a petroleum engineer.
  • The field of mechanical engineering. To become a mechanical engineer, you must complete specific coursework.
  • Chemistry. This degree opens the door to numerous opportunities. It is useful for petroleum engineers, process engineers, and inspectors.
  • Chemical Engineering is the study of chemistry. The same rules apply as stated previously.
  • Petroleum Technology. This ranges from heavy equipment used in crude oil extraction to the technologies involved in manufacturing and processing.
  • Mathematics. This is beneficial if you wish to become an analyst. It is also a viable option for those interested in engineering.

Certifications will depend significantly more on your areas of interest. If you are interested in becoming a safety officer, for instance, there are a variety of safety certificates to choose from.

Certificates are not required for the bulk of the remaining occupations on our list, but if you can locate one unique to your field of expertise, they won’t damage your career prospects.

Is Integrated Oil Companies A Good Career Path?

how many jobs are available in integrated oil companies

Yes, absolutely. The integrated oil and gas industry consists of all directly or indirectly involved in the manufacture and supply of oil, such as oil and gas extraction and refinery.

Creating a final product from crude oil involves a lengthy chain of steps. From exploration and production to refining, sales, storage, and transport of oil and gas, there are millions of jobs from across the globe, which means that young professionals have limitless options to pursue careers in integrated oil firms.

When you realize what awaits you in this field, you won’t hesitate for a moment.

The oil and gas business is not just in high demand but also a rapidly increasing and expanding employment field with numerous advantages:

  • Health coverage
  • Work-life equilibrium
  • Sales commissions and bonuses for the sales crew.
  • Diversity and Participation
  • Competitive offer
  • Personal expansion and development
  • Retirement plans

There are numerous additional benefits to working in integrated oil firms as a professional.

Although practically all careers here demand a degree, you must possess several soft skills, like communication, management, and problem-solving skills.

Some firms offer in-house training programs in petroleum engineering and pipeline and drilling procedures, allowing individuals without graduate degrees to obtain full-time employment in integrated oil companies.

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