Careers That Are Worth Switching to in Texas

Everyone needs an income to afford basic human needs and desires. You have monthly bills that must be covered, including mortgages, groceries, utilities, insurance, Wi-fi, garbage removal, and more. On top of all that, you have to pay for things that you want like streaming services, entertainment, home decor, furniture, and experiences.

For most people, their primary source of income is their occupation. You work a certain number of hours each week and get compensated for doing so. It is fairly common to experience burnout in your career, especially if you have been in it for many years.

As a resident of Texas, there are many industries to explore for a fresh career opportunity. Perhaps you are frustrated by the lack of career advancement opportunities in your current field. Maybe you have discovered a passion for a new subject that excites you as a way to make money. Here are a few career paths that can work for those who already have experience in the workforce.


The construction industry continues to grow each year. Buildings, structures, and infrastructure around the country must be constructed and maintained, and with the fast approach of retirement age for a huge percentage of the current workforce, opportunities will abound. Becoming a contractor is typically more accessible than trying to pursue another four-year degree. You can attend a trade school, often for only two years, or start apprenticing for an experienced professional while earning a small salary. If you are interested in becoming a plumber, then you will need to study for the Texas journeyman/master plumbing license exam to be allowed to take on clients. Contractors will always play an important role in society, so this career switch can be reliable.


Finance is another industry that is unlikely to disappear anytime soon. The economy is held up by many pillars, and one of them is the financial sector. There are many job opportunities in finance that you can pursue if you are interested in helping others manage their money. You can become a financial analyst to learn how to assess investment opportunities and how much risk is associated with them. Financial planners work with individuals, couples, and even business owners to look at their long-term goals and discuss how to meet them. If you are supremely detailed, then you could be an auditor who checks to ensure financial records are in order for individuals and businesses.

Real Estate

Texas has become an important state in the greater real estate market. The trends indicate that more people are moving to this state, creating opportunities for aspiring professionals in this sector. You can become a licensed real estate agent fairly quickly and then sign on with a brokerage to help people buy and sell houses. You could seek employment with a real estate investing firm. If you want to be your own boss, then becoming a property investor yourself could turn into a lucrative career, especially with rental units. There are many ways to carve out a career path in real estate in Texas, so look into your options if this sector fascinates you.


One of the fastest-growing career industries is marketing. The world of advertising is constantly changing, especially now that so much of it is dependent on the Internet and social media, where things move very quickly. Becoming a marketer could be a natural step to take if you have a background in sales, writing, or graphic design. The great thing about marketing is that it offers plenty of remote work opportunities. The nature of the work means it is entirely possible to find a fully remote marketing position that allows you to work from home. Some of the roles you could look into include copywriters, bloggers, content specialists, email marketers, marketing managers, and social media managers.

Data Science

The world runs on data in 2024. If you have mathematical or computer language skills from your previous career, then a transition into data science will be simple and opportunistic. Companies around the world rely on data to make informed decisions that will propel growth, but collecting and interpreting that data is a skill on its own. If you can familiarize yourself with the concepts, becoming a data scientist will make you a valuable commodity for many businesses in Texas.

Set Yourself Up For Future Success with the Right Career Switch

Choosing to switch careers can be incredibly stressful In fact, the primary fear is having to start over and losing all the progress and experience you have in another field. Fortunately, many of the career fields listed in this article have a smaller onboarding ramp than others. In some cases, you can even start learning about this next career while still working on your previous one. Prioritize a better career situation by discovering the best career paths you could switch to in the state of Texas.

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