7 Top Tips to Stop iPhone Game Lag in 2024

After the latest iOS 17 update, numerous iPhone users have expressed discontent over the sluggish performance of their iOS devices. They encounter various issues, such as unresponsive or freezing apps, crashes in Apple Music, rapid battery drain, and unresponsive touch screens. The cause of this error is not fixed, but multiple factors can significantly impact the performance of your iPhone.

Why is my phone lagging so much? Lagging iPhones during gaming commonly arise due to excessive background app usage, problematic apps, limited storage space, low battery, or the presence of junk files. We will help you find ways to play games on your iPhone without lags.

#1 Close the Running Apps

When you have multiple apps open, they can clutter the background and cause your iPhone to lag. Specifically, certain apps like Facetime and Calendar may become slow or laggy. To prevent or resolve iPhone lagging issues, it is recommended to close unnecessary apps.

For iPhone X and later models:

  • Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open the app card.
  • Close each app’s preview by swiping up on them one by one.

#2  Clear Memory

You can do everything manually or use an iPhone storage cleaner. With the clean up phone app, you can quickly find temporary data, duplicate photos, or apps. If we talk about the CleanUp application, it can also compress video. You can discover more here about the features and benefits of the application. Smart garbage search saves a lot of time, so it’s better to start with this application.

#3 Turn On Gaming Focus Mode

Calls, messages, and notifications can easily distract you while gaming. Fortunately, iOS 15 offers the Do Not Disturb mode and the more advanced Focus mode, which provide customizable notification settings. This ensures that you only receive important calls, texts, and notifications. The most exciting part? You can create a gaming profile to receive notifications only from selected individuals, eliminating annoying interruptions. Moreover, you can let others know that you’re unavailable with silenced notifications.

Additionally, disabling your phone’s Bluetooth is beneficial. Unless you’re using wireless headphones or a Bluetooth speaker. Keeping Bluetooth on drains your phone’s battery faster and causes noticeable lag and latency issues, resulting in a subpar gaming experience.

#4 Get Rid of Security Apps

Android, like any other operating system, may indeed have security-related bugs. However, it is unnecessary to utilize a security app. This information is not an opinion, but rather a statement made by Google in the past. Security apps commonly offer minimal functionality.

Instead, they consume valuable RAM and impede phone performance. To ensure your phone’s safety, abide by secure practices, such as refraining from installing applications from dubious webpages. By doing so, you will maintain a secure device.

#5 Turn Off Automatic Downloads

As it currently stands, intense games put a strain on your phone’s hardware, pushing it to its limits. Coupled with the additional load from background downloads, your game is at risk of crashing. Moreover, your phone may overheat, resulting in in-game lag.

To disable automatic downloads, follow these steps:

  1. Access the Settings menu.
  2. Navigate to the App Store section.
  3. Select the Apps and App Updates tabs.

You can also opt to disable automatic iOS updates by performing the following:

  1. Access the Settings menu.
  2. Go to the General section.
  3. Select Software Update.
  4. Choose Automatic Updates, and toggle off the Download iOS Updates option.

#6 Do Not Play When Charging the Phone

Nowadays, it’s no secret that popular multiplayer games drain your phone’s battery. Countless times, I’ve found myself in an intense battle in Call of Duty Mobile only to have my phone’s battery nearly depleted. And when the battery-saver mode activates, the performance inevitably declines.

However, it’s important to refrain from playing games on our phones while they’re charging. Technological experts strongly advise against using our phones altogether during charging. This not only prolongs the charging process but also reduces the overall battery life. Additionally, it can result in overheating and malfunctions.

#7 Turn off Background App Refresh

Your iPhone apps continuously retrieve data from servers to provide you with an optimal experience. Even when your iPhone is idle, apps constantly refresh in the background, seeking the latest updates, which can drain battery life. To enhance performance and extend battery life, disable Background App Refresh.

To disable it, navigate to Settings > General > Background App Refresh > Toggle it off.


Take the steps listed above to improve your smartphone’s performance and smoother gaming experience. Every megabyte of iPhone memory saved can be redirected to the game. If you can save enough RAM, CPU, and storage on your device, games should run smoothly.

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